Ouros is an animation production company founded by Philip Piaget and Rikke Planeta in 2018, located at Arsenalet Creative Hub in Viborg, Denmark. 

Ouros is a company hell-bent in creating unique visual projects that resonate with people and demonstrate passion for the craft of animation and film-making. 

We have experience in multiple areas of animation and visual art having previously worked at prestigious studios like Aardman Animations, Global Mechanic, Might & Delight, Tindrum Productions, and Atomic Cartoons as artists for  TV series, commercials, short films, VR experiences and video-games. Philip and Rikke are part of the vibrant animation scene in Viborg and often collaborate with The Animation Workshop, Late Love Productions and the ANIDOX residency. 


Ouros works with talented freelancers and artists across different projects, including:

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